Tales for Awful People


Letters Via Carrier Pigeon

Here we must bid you adieu, gentle reader. Twilight falls on our path through the forest of instructive knowledge. Go forth and prosper, using your newfound skills at identifying the problematic little creatures of nature. Maintain the wisdom in this volume for your own advantage, and keep it close at hand at all times, as these vexing souls are a part of all our lives. If you can honestly look around and say that you do not know anyone who exhibits the many flaws we have illuminated, may we suggest that you may in fact be one of these creatures.

Godspeed, and stay above the treeline.

Should you wish to contact us, please use the electronic conveyance below. We’ve got a million more of these suckers. And just think, these were written before we dabbled in such activities as starting a business or having children. Before texting during dinner was even a gleam in the eye of society! Imagine all the terrible people we’ve encountered along life’s path in the ensuing years, bless their hearts.

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