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The Country Gentleman
October 11, 2010, 10:44 pm
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One evening a country gentleman returned home from a hard day of sport shooting. He sat in his arm chair with a nightcap at his side, ampoule and said “Come here, puss, I would love to pet your striped head.” And the cat said “Eh, can’t you see I have a headache? Please, do not force attentions on me this evening.” So the gentlemen shrugged and retired to his bedchamber. The next night, the same thing happened. And the night after that. The gentlemen eventually gave up on bestowing attentions to the cat.

Then one day he was reading the pork futures section of the newspaper, when the cat planted herself squarely in the middle of the paper, scratching at it and purring. “What? You seek me out after all this time? I had forgotten all about you,” said the gentleman. He brushed her aside, and switched on the radio instead. Still begging attention, the cat draped herself over the top of the radio cabinet, causing much static. The gentleman decided that was quite enough of that, and tossed her into a gunny sack. She was last seen near the old covered bridge.

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