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The Devious Siamese
October 13, 2010, 12:54 pm
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Once there was a Siamese cat who had a long-term relationship. She and her boyfriend enjoyed sitting on fences and yowling at each other, cialis but he had terrible manners and would spray urine all over the house if invited to a party. Her friends mewled behind her back about how bad they thought he was for her, treatment and how they hated to do things in groups with him, and what was she thinking?

The Siamese cat overheard them outside as she sat in the windowsill. At first she thought about hissing and confronting them, but instead she cooked up a plan. She and her boyfriend staged a dramatic fight the next time the group gathered in the alley, lashing their tails and spitting at each other. Oh, it was a sight to see and hear!

The next day, she approached her friends, and they all rushed to console her, saying “He was no good anyway, we never liked him!” Then the Siamese turned around and said “Ah ha, we got back together! Now I know how you really feel, you treacherous pussies. You are just jealous!”

Then she went home and found a urine-scented letter from her boyfriend, actually dumping her. Also, her owners acquired an overenthusiastic hound, and she was forced to sleep outside.

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